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Their mere presence on stage starts the audience beaming. And when they deliver jokes, voice-blending some songs, everybody begins to laugh exuberantly—endlessly.

Renato P. Gomez a.k.a. “Porky” and Romeo G. Vargas a.k.a. “Choppy” or the Porkchop Duo came to Casino Mactan at the Waterfront Airport Hotel last month for an evening of pure fun and entertainment.

For 21 long years as Porkchop Duo and 23 years as friends, they have been touching people’s lives through stand-up comedy performances and song renditions not only in the Philippines but also throughout the world. The duo pioneered stand-up comedy in the country, to include Tatlong Itlog and Tatlong Pinoy back then.

Born and raised in Tondo, Manila, Porky and Choppy have been to 34 countries for special invitations and performances. But never did they allow such an achievement to sink into their heads; they have remained down-to-earth, warm and really funny.

Fans who have witnessed their blossoming career in show business know that laughter, coupled with music, becomes more than just a great medication to make one feel good.

Their natural way of delivering comedy lines, funny gestures and facial expressions are what made them a sought-after tandem. And these were the reasons why Casino Mactan tapped the two for a night of laughter, said marketing manager Carina Escario.

“They have been known for more than 20 years. Honestly and obviously, they are really doing excellently, making many people laugh,”Carina said.

But not only are Porky and Choppy gifted with a sense of humor and talent, they also perform responsible tasks as family men, and project sensibility in their quest to help upgrade the standards of any stage show especially stand-up comedy.



Porkchop Duo at Mactan Casino

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