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How are you as a family man and a comedian?

Porky: Iím so blessed with my wife and two kids; we always have time to communicate, laugh and talk. We open up to each otherís concerns. For us, joking is a means of communication. As comedians, Choppy and I try to feel whatever we have to say to maintain naturalness in delivery, which at the same time, makes people laugh spontaneously.

Choppy: Well, Iím proud to have five kids who are talented and blessed with different abilities also. My wife has been very supportive. As comedians, we are more after the missionary than the monetary. We make people happy and we always try to feel we are professionals. The more you become professional, the more you get closer to the people.

How do you usually start your performance?

Porky: We pray before the start of the show. We usually open the repertoire with a song; jokes are mostly delivered later. Not all the things we say are scripted, some are impromptu. Thatís why we have to be flexible.

Choppy: Alam mo, kahit hindi pa kami nakapagsimulang mag-joke, natatawa na ang mga tao. Itís so nice to see people in a good mood. Of course, we start the show with an Ďimpact na kaagadí by creating a laughing atmosphere.

What keeps you going in this profession?

Porky: We always feel inspired when people approach and congratulate us after the show. What keeps us is our friendship and mission to bring happiness to others.

Choppy: We wanted to change traditional comedy na nagmumurahan. Comedy is something that does not intimidate but stimulate joyous emotions. We hope to upgrade the standards in the field of comedy performance. Filipinos are the best audience, so we want to serve as models to them.

Parting message.

Porky:Donít think too much of your problems for these will paralyze you. Be happy and share that joy with others.

Choppy: Existing comedians and aspiring ones should bear in mind that performing for comedy shows should not be about pagmumurahan at pagsisigawan, but it is all about sharing stories and comical lines that make people laugh plus singing feel-good music.



Porkchop Duo's Interview

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